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Kind Regards: A thoughtful act of humanity

Kind Regards seriesIn the Kind Regards series, we share grateful letters and reviews from residents, families and the community. Reading the firsthand experiences of those who witness our service renews our passion and purpose. It’s our hope that they touch your hearts, too.
The following email comes from Assistant Fire Chief Eric Nordeen of the Lake Johanna Fire Department. He addressed Dan Erickson, Campus Administrator of Waverly Gardens in North Oaks, Minnesota, as well as Allina leaders. He writes:
“This morning the Lake Johanna Fire Department along with Allina EMS arrived at Waverly Gardens. We were called to [assist] a female [resident] having a possible stroke. She presented with signs and symptoms that made all of us realize that she was near the end stage of her life. While we were moving her to the ambulance, the staff nurse asked if we could stop at her husband’s room at the end of the hall, so he could say goodbye. The nurse woke him, explained that his wife was being taken to the hospital and she was not doing well. She was wheeled to the side of Ken’s bed where he was able to hold her hand and say, ‘I love you, Honey.’ His wife was unresponsive the entire time until now, when she made a slight moaning sound.
“With all the selfishness and 'me now' culture that we all see on a regular basis, it was humbling to witness the thoughtfulness of the nurse and the willingness of Allina to take a brief moment to allow the husband to say goodbye to his wife. […] Your staff acted very professionally and with the humanity that we all need to strive for.”

Kind Regards is a regular feature that shares the letters, hand written cards, emails, and reviews we receive from those who witness our service. Beyond expressing appreciation, these letters remind us how important and needed our ministry is and inspire us to offer our best. Please consider writing a letter or leaving a review on Google or Facebook.

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