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Grandpa gets the first look

For many families in our nation, planning a wedding during COVID-19 is challenging and requires creative solutions. On July 26, Harmony River in Hutchinson, MN, posted the following:
The Harmony River receptionist captured this photo just inside the entryway and across from the screening location, where the bride was screened before her 5-minute visit.
Mariel, the mother of the bride, fills us in on the rest of the story. She writes:
The bride is Emma, and the resident is her 93-year-old (94 on August 2) grandpa, Darrel. Emma and her grandpa have had an unusually special bond ever since she was a baby. Emma always says her grandpa is her most special person on this earth. My dad is a quiet, conservative man, but he lives for his "Emma hugs," and when he sees her, he just lights up! So, when Emma began planning her wedding, her first thought was to make sure her grandpa could be there. She lives in Granite Falls, but decided to make arrangements to get married in Hutchinson at her grandpa's church. Of course, when COVID happened, she knew he wouldn't be able to be at the church, so we arranged an in-person visit for the day of the wedding. It was important to Emma that her grandpa could see her on her wedding day in her wedding dress. The people at Harmony River were so very accommodating to make it all happen. The photo was taken at that visit on July 25 when Emma was able to see her grandpa just an hour before the wedding. Of course, my dad wasn't able to get that "Emma hug," and the masks hid the beautiful smiles, but the hearts were full.
Thanks Mariel and congratulations to the bride and groom! To the staff at Harmony River, a special thank you for making this unforgettable moment possible.
We’re grateful for all employees of Presbyterian Homes & Services who do whatever it takes to enrich the lives and touch the hearts of older adults.

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