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A Tribute to Unsung Heroes

Jane-Poem_Blog-Teaser.pngBy Rev. Jane Morgan, Campus Pastor

We have heard a lot about heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctors and nurses who work long hours, caring for those who suffer from the effects of the virus. Janitorial staff who faithfully disinfect, providing a safe environment. Scientists and epidemiologists who strive to find a vaccine and consider how to contain the virus. Truck drivers, police officers, first responders, teachers; the list goes on. Many have risen to the occasion during this trying time and we should honor them. 

Therefore, I have written a poem on behalf of MY heroes — the residents of Presbyterian Homes & Services.


Quietly they sat in their apartments; isolated, perhaps afraid. They were doing their part to mitigate a novel virus.

Gratefully they held on to each word of a loved one via Facetime or Zoom. They understand the value of relationships and the brevity of life.

Patiently they ate boxed meals while gazing at the same walls. They know their blessings far outweigh inconveniences.

Sacrificially they gave up hair appointments, activities and the like. They grasp the importance of giving of one’s self.

Resolutely they found ways to press on each day, after day, after day. They prayed, wrote letters, exercised and rested.

Faithfully they ‘joined’ others daily to beseech our heavenly Father. They have experienced the power of corporate prayer.

Dependably they provide wisdom and much needed guidance. They learned much over the years from a vast array of experiences.

Trustingly they rely on the Almighty God who forever is faithful and true. They serve as an example for younger generations to follow

On behalf of a hurting nation they offer
To my heroes, I thank you!.

“For we live by faith, not by sight.” I Corinthians 5:7
The Rev. Jane Morgan serves as Campus Pastor at SummerWood of Chanhassen and SummerWood of Plymouth as well as Chaplain with Optage Hospice.

Are you looking for spiritual support and inspiration? Find additional messages by Pastor Jane and other PHS spiritual care leaders by going to the Pastoral Care website.

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