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New website, “Made in Minnesota,” features PHS

Made-in-MN-blog-teaser.pngPHS is honored to stand among the 42 businesses featured prominently in the new website, “Made in Minnesota.” The website, which launched on September 23 and is sponsored by the Minnesota Business Partnership, celebrates each organization’s efforts to create stable jobs, improve lives through innovation and strengthen communities.
PHS is the 27th largest employer in Minnesota as ranked by the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal and was named the #1 best employer in the state by Forbes Magazine.
Against the backdrop of COVID-19, “Made in Minnesota” was created to highlight the contributions businesses are making to uphold Minnesota’s economic success and quality of life. “When we work together, for each other — businesses succeed and local communities thrive,” the website affirms.
The PHS story on the website, entitled “Rising in the Presence of the Aged,” reports that 5,800 PHS employees in Minnesota serve 20,000 older adults. The story tells how, “Minnesotans take pride in the ways we honor seniors. We open doors for them, we give up our seats for them, we listen to their counsel and we rise in their presence. COVID-19 has disrupted so many of the activities we love in Minnesota. What COVID can’t disrupt is our commitment to one another. What COVID won’t disrupt is our commitment to our elders.”
Over 65 years ago, the first PHS community, located in Arden Hills, MN, welcomed its first residents, so we truly are “Made in Minnesota.” Since then, PHS has expanded to 49 communities in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. Wherever PHS is found, you will find us rising in the presence of the aged and upholding our mission, “to honor God by enriching lives and touching hearts of older adults.”
Visit the new Made in Minnesota website. You can also click on “Get to Know Us” in this website  to learn more about Presbyterian Homes & Services.

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