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"If we love God, we will love what God loves"

Environmental Wellness DayWe continue in Active Aging Week by highlighting a devotional on today's theme of Environmental Wellness.

By Chaplain Stephen Richards, Optage Hospice   

"The Great Pacific Garbage Patch" is located between Hawaii and California. It is the largest accumulation of ocean plastic in the world and covers an area twice the size of Texas. According to one estimate, there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris currently floating in the world’s oceans, and that number is rising on a daily basis.

Most worrying is that plastic is beginning to find its way into the food chain. For instance, plankton has been observed consuming microscopic beads of plastic, and synthetic clothing fibers are starting to be found in drinking water.

We cannot avoid our use of plastic. In both our personal and professional lives, it has become an essential need. Yet at the same time, our use of plastic has the potential to impact the world negatively. How do we respond to this? ...

Watch the full 2.5-minute devotional:

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