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Make Your Mark: LouTasha Mix, an 'all-star' in compassion and resilience

LouTasha MixThe mission of Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS), “to honor God by enriching the lives and touching the hearts of older adults,” is fulfilled when the actions of our employees demonstrate our stated values. In doing so, they “make their mark” upon those we serve. In our continuing series, “Make your Mark,” we introduce you to PHS employees who are living out these values.

In today’s Make Your Mark spotlight, we share a story about LouTasha Mix. She’s a Housekeeping Assistant at SummerWood of Plymouth, but that’s not all. In the words of her supervisor, LouTasha is an “all-star player,” says Darren Ouimette, Environmental Services Director. She assists in Life Enrichment, fills in as a receptionist and draws from experience as a Nursing Assistant — having served three PHS communities since 2017. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also the loving mother of two children and in school to become a Registered Nurse. How does she do it all? Her story reveals faith in God and a strong desire to serve older adults with compassion — a reflection of Christian Ministry, a PHS value.

“I love working for PHS. There are so many great opportunities — so many great people,” says LouTasha. “I go to North Hennepin Community College, and I’m blessed to have a scholarship through PHS. I’m blessed to still be working full-time. During the pandemic, so many people have lost jobs, and I’ve actually picked up positions. I believe God has placed those opportunities in my life for a reason. You never know when I’ll need those skills in whatever I do next.”

Her “refreshing positivity” lifts up everyone around her, says Darren. Campus Pastor Jane Morgan adds, “LouTasha maintains a positive attitude at work no matter what is going on in her life. She loves the residents she serves, taking time to listen to them and pray with them. She sings uplifting songs in the hallway and is willing to help other employees as needed.”

Jenny Tiegen, Housing Counselor, says that in her Housekeeping role, LouTasha also gets apartments ready for new move-ins. “She just makes sure they are perfect — looking at them as if her own mom or grandma were moving into them,” adding, “We all know coming to a new place can be scary and having it nice and neat is one more thing we can do to make them feel special, cared for and loved and at home.”

LouTasha confides, “As a single mom of two, I feel like being a dedicated mom comes first. So, I make sure my inner home life is okay before taking on other things.” Still, she adds, ‘People often say, ‘Get your ducks in a row,’ and I say, No, take what you have and just start,” she says with laughter.

She says the key is being in tune with her faith. She draws on two Scripture verses, which she keeps tucked in her purse as she goes to work each day: Joshua 1:9, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go,” and Ephesians 6:10, which begins, “Put on the full armor of God…”

As LouTasha embraces her faith, she’s able to put residents first from the moment she arrives to work. “You never know what other people are going through or what they’re facing.” Speaking of residents, she says, “So, if you’re sad, I’m going to try my best to make sure that, before I leave my shift, you’re no longer sad. And if it’s not something we can fix, we can pray about it.”

Campus Administrator Crystal Kurowski concludes, “LouTasha’s compassion and dedication to our residents is beyond impressive. I am so grateful to have Loutasha on our team at SummerWood of Plymouth and know she will be an amazing nurse who leads with a servant heart.”

We at PHS are humbled and ever grateful for LouTasha and all PHS employees who show positivity, resilience and faith. Their dedicated, inner work pays off in residents who receive the best care.

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