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2020 Year in Review: We Have and We Will

Today is the day of our Annual PHS Management Retreat. Although we're unable to gather like in years past, we're thankful to experience the retreat virtually and hear words of encouragement and hope.

PHS President and CEO Dan Lindh leads with a video message of gratitude, saying, "A big thank you to all staff across all our organizations. I cannot begin to tell you the impact that our staff and you have made in serving residents and other older adults under the roof of our ministry in incredible ways. Again, I say thanks for your commitment, your steadfast support and for digging in and facing adversity."

He continues, "We will continue to ask God’s blessing for increased effectiveness, the scope of our ministry and service, and how we can touch the lives of older adults and have a Kingdom impact for God’s glory.” 

So, now is the time to reflect and celebrate how #WeHave blessed and been blessed in 2020. Also, join us in declaring how #WeWill move forward into 2021! 

Thank you for honoring God by enriching the lives and touching the hearts of the older adults we serve. #WeHave #WeWill

Check out these videos for a glimpse into our virtual retreat:

Find more videos in this playlist from the PHS management retreat on the Presbyterian Homes & Services YouTube channel.  

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