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CROSS award for Operational Integrity

Congratulations to our five CROSS Award recipients at Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS)! In its second year, the CROSS Awards have been presented to PHS employees nominated by coworkers, residents or friends for the ways in which they live out our CROSS values.

Today we celebrate our CROSS Award recipient for Operational Integrity, Dana Sunvold! Dana has served faithfully for 33 years at PHS and is the Health Information Manager at Presbyterian Homes of Bloomington in Minnesota. But she does so much more, her coworkers say. One said, “Dana’s title should read ‘everything.’” And another describes her as “the glue that holds everything together.”

Dana was nominated for being “innovative” and for “always following through” with “a great attitude.”

Check out this video announcing Dana as a recipient of a PHS CROSS Award!

Campus Administrator Michelle Sullivan writes, “Dana has one of the biggest hearts and has an ‘I can do’ attitude every day. She has worn so many hats, and there was a time when she wore five hats … Van Driver, Health Information Manager, Supplies Manager, Activity Support and Process Follow-Up. Dana is always on top of processes. She volunteers to say, ‘Let me put that in a process.’ That’s her gift.”

Michelle adds, “She has driven in during the worst snowstorms and stayed overnight to help where needed.” 

Clinical Administrator Haleigh Munson says, “Dana always does the right thing because it is the right thing to do.” For example, Haleigh explains, “Dana tracks and manages the PPE and informs me when we are getting low. She is innovative.  When she identified that we would soon run out of wipes, she problem solved to create our own. She researched the shelf life of QT+ wipes once dispensed and labeled her wipes and educated staff.”

Margaret Elliot, who is the Life Enrichment Director, adds, “Dana always stays ahead of the game when it comes to keeping supplies stocked and ready to go.”

They all agree that the mantra at Presbyterian Homes of Bloomington is, “When in doubt, ask Dana,” and we at PHS are so grateful for her example that proves it across many years of service.

About the PHS CROSS Awards
The CROSS Awards, initiated in 2019, are presented to five employees each year who have been nominated by coworkers, residents or friends of PHS for the ways in which they live out our CROSS values.

Find more CROSS award videos in this playlist from the PHS management retreat on the Presbyterian Homes & Services YouTube channel.  


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