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CROSS award for Ready & Engaged People

Sue ZieskeCongratulations to our five CROSS Award recipients at Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS)! In its second year, the CROSS Awards are presented to PHS employees nominated by coworkers, residents or friends for the ways in which they live out our CROSS values. Over the next several weeks you’ll hear their stories.

We begin with Sue Zieske, who has served as a Physical Therapist Assistant for 16 years at Langton Shores in Roseville, MN.

Coworkers say Sue was among the first to step up and be redeployed for five months in 2020. When COVID-19 restrictions were implemented to safeguard residents across PHS, Langton Shores and other PHS communities redeployed therapists to serve in other capacities, wherever the needs were greatest.

Sue served as a home health aide and nursing assistant, both at Stonecrest in Woodbury, MN, and Norris Square in Cottage Grove, MN.

Sue was nominated for being “dedicated, committed and a PHS brand ambassador.”

Check out this video announcing Sue as a recipient of a PHS CROSS Award!

Here are some words from among those who nominated Sue:

Campus Administrator Alana Hohertz writes, “When Langton Shores adjusted hours at the front desk to start screening employees, Sue was one of the first to raise her hand to help out in a role very different from what she was used to as a PTA. She arrived during the wee hours of the morning and greeted each employee with a smile as they arrived. As Langton's census dropped throughout the pandemic, Sue willingly was redeployed to a campus with multiple known COVID cases, working as a nursing assistant.”

Ashley Rue, PHS Director of Rehabilitation, writes: “When Sue left Stonecrest, she was less concerned about receiving praise and recognition and more concerned about recognizing in great detail the many wonderful attributes of Stonecrest team in a personal letter." Ashley continues, “This, in true Sue Zieske fashion, speaks to her humility in putting others first, compassion to serve — whatever it takes, and heart to recognize others for their teamwork and service. I recently saw Sue serving as a nursing assistant at Norris Square, and she shared with me that she feels this will forever make her a better therapist.”

In grateful response, Sue says, “I have developed a whole new appreciation for the importance of all of us being together in community in order to fulfill the mission God has for us here.”

We at PHS give thanks to Sue and all PHS employees who demonstrate being “ready & engaged” and remain steadfast to the PHS mission throughout COVID.

About the PHS CROSS Awards
The CROSS Awards, initiated in 2019, are presented to five employees each year who have been nominated by coworkers, residents or friends of PHS for the ways in which they live out our CROSS values.

CROSS values
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