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CROSS award for Service Excellence

Congratulations to our five CROSS Award recipients at Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS)! In its second year, the CROSS Awards have been presented to PHS employees nominated by coworkers, residents or friends for the ways in which they live out our CROSS values.

Today we celebrate our CROSS Award recipient for Service Excellence, Lisa Fleckenstein! Lisa serves as the Campus Administrator at Avalon Square in Waukesha, WI, and recently celebrated her 20th employment anniversary with PHS.

Many nominated Lisa for her servant leadership. They say her drive for service excellence inspires confidence and builds unity and teamwork among the staff.

Check out this video announcing Lisa as a recipient of a PHS CROSS Award!

Christina Miller, Life Enrichment Director and Volunteer Coordinator, says, “Words cannot adequately describe the feeling of warmth, community and love that Lisa fosters at Avalon Square.”

"As staff, we know that we can count on Lisa for help in any regard," adds Campus Pastor Erin Little, “and we have taken her example to create a beautiful culture of Christlike service at our community.”

A common refrain is how Lisa goes outside her job description to “do whatever it takes.” For example, Julie Johannes, Housing Counselor, describes recent scenarios due to COVID-19. “Lisa sees what is important through the residents’ eyes — nothing is too big or too small.” And what’s a small act of service that matters a big deal to residents? Serving freshly brewed coffee! Julie explains, “We cannot have our typical coffee setup, so Lisa created a system for QST members to sign up to safely distribute coffee each morning.”

What’s more, Julie says, “When residents in the Terrace were not able to receive housekeeping services temporarily, Lisa created a schedule of cleaning for QST members, including herself. We made beds, cleaned floors and did laundry following her lead.”

When she’s not leading a specific team effort, Lisa can often be spotted filling in the small gaps. Greg Bautista, Nutrition & Culinary Services Director, says, “I have witnessed Lisa on any given day: filling in at the reception desk, washing dishes in memory care, helping serve in the dining room when culinary is short-handed, delivering meal trays, helping residents fill out meal slips for the week, and vacuuming the lobby.” Yet Greg adds, “She’s always thanking staff for their service.”

We at PHS thank Lisa and cheer her on as she leads the team at Avalon Square in their quest for service excellence. Now you’ve inspired us across PHS to take our service excellence to new heights!

About the PHS CROSS Awards
The CROSS Awards, initiated in 2019, are presented to five employees each year who have been nominated by coworkers, residents or friends of PHS for the ways in which they live out our CROSS values.

Find more CROSS award videos in this playlist from the PHS management retreat on the Presbyterian Homes & Services YouTube channel.  

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