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PHS leaders express gratitude to dedicated COVID team

team members at Interlude Restorative Suites in Fridley, MNAt Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) we value Operational Integrity which comes with an employee pledge, “I do what is right because it is the right thing to do.” As 2020 comes to a close, we reflect with ever increasing gratitude on our staff and volunteers. Countless times they've stepped up to do the right thing: serving our residents with integrity, compassion and selflessness during a pandemic.
One PHS community has served in a unique capacity since April, supporting many other PHS communities. So today we place the spotlight on Interlude™ Restorative Suites in Fridley, MN, which transformed itself into a dedicated COVID-19 treatment site in partnership with Allina Health on the Mercy Hospital – Unity Campus.
Early on Ann Madden Rice, President of Abbott Northwestern Hospital, commented on Interlude, saying that “having safe options for patients diagnosed with COVID-19 […] addresses a gap in overall surge preparedness.”  

That’s certainly been true: from mid-April to mid-December, Mark Pederson, PHS Regional Director of Operations, reports that “Interlude had 428 admissions of which 62% were in the past 3 months!" He continues, “The Fridley staff have done an amazing job meeting the needs of every PHS community in the metro area as well as the greater need in the community. The staff show up each day, dress in full PPE, work long hours and have had to adapt from a ‘normal’ transitional care unit to an all COVID unit, with many guests who have memory loss. The work is new and challenging, but they keep the focus on the guests and their recovery. These are warriors! I personally salute and thank each staff member for their dedication, service and for being God's hands in this COVID journey.”

President Dan Lindh notes, "I’m very grateful to our leaders and staff at Interlude. Services provided by our staff at Interlude were impactful, helpful and a game changer for our entire Twin Cities population. And, our Interlude staff persisted through great stress and challenging circumstances," continuing, "When residents at PHS locations were determined to be COVID positive, Interlude proved to be a destination where our staff provided specialized and effective care – with great outcomes overall. Interlude provided an effective tool to help contain and minimize spread and impact of COVID at PHS communities. 

COVID survivor at Interlude Restorative Suites"In addition," he says, "Interlude provided critical support for the broader community and helped a number of our peer providers during times of great duress due to COVID outbreaks. Further, some of the acute care systems depended upon Interlude as an important part of the overall health care continuum. Interlude's role was to provide great care, resulting in access to hospital and ICU beds for older adults with even greater needs.

"From our entire PHS ministry and on behalf of our broader Twin Cities community, THANK YOU!!" concludes Lindh. 

Our PHS communities express deep gratitude as well. Here’s just a sampling. Susie Fisher from Croixdale, writes, “Thank you to Interlude for your wonderful care of our residents while they were COVID positive! It was comforting to know they were in the best hands with the most experienced staff and still within the care of PHS.” 
Sandy Valentine from Orchard Path writes, “Your quick assistance offers my staff, families and other residents peace of mind knowing we can better isolate the positive cases to prevent more spread. You are very sincere in your efforts to help our residents feel at home, temporarily. We appreciate you for braving the additional COVID exposure during this unchartered time.”

Poster and words of thanks from Presbyterian Homes of Bloomington
Staff at Presbyterian Homes of Bloomington gave Interlude a poster with handwritten messages of thanks
The Boutwells Landing team writes, “To our Fridley family, words will not feel adequate to describe how we feel about all of you. Our staff were scared, and you all stepped up to help the family. Strength and courage come in many forms and yours will NEVER be forgotten. You have been our on-earth angels, which in our opinion even tops the super-hero category! We send you all our love!”
“Thank you, Interlude of Fridley! We are so grateful for all you’ve done for us and for PHS as a whole!" writes the PHS Bloomington team. "Each and every one of you is a true hero and a mighty warrior! THANK YOU!”

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