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Our approach to COVID-19: New investments for cleaner air

Presbyterian Homes & Services has been working tirelessly to promote safe environments. After all, senior communities are more than buildings where people come and go, they are homes with rich amenities for community life. They are also sacred ground where more than 7,000 employees mask up and provide care and support every day.
As you have heard from us throughout the year, we have addressed the persistence of the pandemic by adapting operations, equipment and practices to help prevent the spread of infection. Above all, we have been combating isolation through the continued benefits of community life, even if things look a bit different.
NEW this month, we have completed our second phase of installations of purification technology to help clean our air. Starting with our safe visit spaces and common areas, we have installed cutting-edge Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization technology in most of our PHS locations and a third phase is underway.
This revolutionary air purification technology is a game-changer and adds another layer of protection to our safety protocols against COVID-19 and other pathogens.
Watch this video about bipolar ionization air filtration technology:

David Millett, Director of Engineering and Environmental Services at PHS, oversees air quality systems and explained how PHS began modifying HVAC systems this spring to create negative air pressure, improve filtration, and more. Millett is excited about the additional investment in Needlepoint Bipolar ionization technology now being integrated into the HVAC systems. Millett explains, “This technology safely cleans the air inside the building by using an electronic charge to create a field of ions that kills pathogens, reduces the airborne concentration of SARS-CoV-2 and increases the effectiveness of HVAC filtration. This is accomplished without using unsafe chemicals or creating any unwanted byproducts and does not produce any level of Ozone.”
How does it work?
NPBI injects billions of invisible, charged ions into our air stream to clean the air. These ions attach to harmful pathogens and particles like COVID-19 to inactivate them.
Is it proven to stop the spread of COVID-19?
Yes! It’s independently lab-tested to inactivate a variety of pathogens such as norovirus, MRSA and SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19)
Is it safe?
Yes! It’s safe and certified ozone-free, unlike other outdated forms of ionization.
Read more about our safer approach to visitation, cleaning and air filtration, how we care for residents who test positive with COVID-19 and overall daily living.
We also have new COVID-19 updates and visitor information incorporating the latest guidelines by state and federal agencies. Our COVID updates and information page shares more about visitation, celebrating the holidays, new residents, community tours for prospective residents, testing and prevention. Please call ahead to your loved one’s community to find out what arrangements are available and if and when it is welcoming visitors.
These are trying times for everyone, and we thank you for the privilege of caring for you and your loved ones. We do not take that privilege lightly. PHS will stay true to our mission, “to honor God by enriching the lives and touching the hearts of older adults.” We will not waver in doing all we can to give you the freedom to live well today and in the future.

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