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Kind Regards: 'Staff who are loving, committed, kind and caring'

Kind Regards seriesIn the Kind Regards series, we share grateful letters and reviews from residents and families. Reading the firsthand experiences of those we serve renews our passion and purpose. It’s our hope that they touch your hearts, too.
The following are excerpts of a letter from Serena and the family of Cleo, who lives at Lake Minnetonka Shores in Spring Park, MN.  
Dear Presbyterian Homes Leadership,
I wish to write this brief note of appreciation from the bottom of our hearts for the sincere and compassionate care offered by members of your nursing staff with the care of my mother Cleo during this incredibly challenging time for your staff and for my family. Cleo has had daily and nightly struggles lately with fear and depression and with physical challenges. She is a survivor....
Serena continues by mentioning and commending staff members:
Timon has been compassionate and patient and has been attentive to needs and to the changing issues involved in her care. He has provided a positive environment and gained the trust of Cleo and our family.
Richelle is a compassionate, kind and caring and competent professional who goes above and beyond for the residents.
Stephanie is a gifted social worker and organizer with a passion for the elderly and a deep, compassionate and positive influence.
Doris is an efficient and kind aide with tons of experience, and she works very hard on behalf of Cleo. We see her kindness and her commitment.
Sylvester comes in with kindness and stability even when Cleo is having a hard time at night, and she notices....
Serena names other staff and their care-giving qualities: Annie, Gideon, Lily, Marsha, Maria, Lauren, Al and Elijah. Then she writes:
What I want you to take away from all this:
I am in awe of your ability to train and hire staff who are loving, committed, kind and caring and who can build trust. I have been with my mother in many settings, medical, residential and otherwise. I have never seen an organization like yours that can attract this kind of commitment and kindness. 
You can rest assured you work within a highly compassionate organization, and for that our family is forever appreciative.
Thank you and may you have blessings as you carry forward,
Kind Regards is a regular feature that shares the letters, hand written cards, emails and reviews we receive from those we serve. Beyond expressing appreciation, these letters remind us how important and needed our ministry is and inspire us to offer our best. All letters shared with permission. Please consider writing a letter or leaving a review on Google or Facebook.

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