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Caregivers who lead with prayer

Lake Minnetonka Shores team
Lake Minnetonka Shores team
The mission of Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS), “to honor God by enriching the lives and touching the hearts of older adults,” is fulfilled when the actions of our employees demonstrate our stated values. In our continuing series, “We Will,” we introduce you to PHS employees who are living out these values and working together toward a better, brighter future for the older adults we serve.

Like the steady rhythm of waves, prayers offered by staff at Lake Minnetonka Shores in Spring Park, MN, have continued to shore up residents and families through a challenging year. And in The Arbor — where residents cope with dementia — an atmosphere of prayer and thanksgiving wraps their loved ones in reassurance, care and security.

“I just want to tell you,” said one family member to Arbor nurse Shelly Enger last week, “there is so much love in this place and so much care and patience.”

Another wrote in a letter last October, “I am in awe of your ability to train and hire staff who are loving, committed, kind and caring and who can build trust. I have been with my mother in many settings. I have never seen an organization like yours that can attract this kind of commitment and kindness.”

Rob Lahammer, VP of Engagement and Advocacy, notes that in recent surveys, “every family member gave a perfect 10 out of 10 when asked if they would recommend Lake Minnetonka Shores memory care!”

Clinical Administrator Mary Benjamin points to prayer as a Christian ministry. “Through a challenging year of COVID and much change,” she says, “I think supporting staff at the beginning of each shift with prayer is extremely important,” adding, “I have heard staff members say they are grateful to come to a workplace where prayer is not just something talked about. They’re honored to participate in prayer through their shifts every day.”

Prayer happens even when no one is watching. Mary continues, “If you happen to come into The Arbor at night, you’ll witness the team starting their shift with prayer, including nursing assistants Domini, Linda and Kathy.”

Domini Jallah joined the team just last year when she moved with her children from out of state. She recalls feeling alone and overwhelmed at first. But today she says, “I know God said once you can lean on Him and put Him first and in whatever you do, and He’s gonna take you places you never imagined.”

She continues, “I know God brought us here. I’m SO happy at Presbyterian Homes, because I can pray. When a resident is having a hard time, I can take their hands and say to them, ‘Can we pray?’ When you hold their hands and you just pray with them, it just makes everything easy from the time you start to the time you end your shift.”
Nurse Shelly says of Domini and the entire team, “The synergy here is very, very good. I give all the thanks to God because He’s the one who orchestrated this whole thing and brought in the right people. And through prayer we’re encouraged to keep our eyes on the Lord and what He would want from us.”

We at PHS are grateful for the Lake Minnetonka Shores team and every employee who commits their work to God in prayer.

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