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More money in less time: springtime home sales are hot!

Get moving now with Home Connections™

Spring is the undisputed champion of seasons for selling a home. Sunny blue skies, green grass and flowers in bloom make for some great listing photos. After a year of COVID restrictions, people looking for new homes are chomping at the bit to start shopping so they can close, move in and get settled before fall. Currently, a combination of low interest rates and low single-family housing inventory means there are a lot of eager homebuyers competing for what’s on the market.

If you have been putting off selling your home and moving into a senior living community because of COVID and the cold of winter, we have great news for you! Spring of 2021 is proving to be an exceptional “seller’s market.” Real estate agencies are reporting that the average home selling price is up 7.4% over this time last year while the average days for a home to be on the market is down 12.5%.

Home sales are closing and PHS communities are reopening

With homes selling faster and at higher prices than in recent years, this spring is a great time to reconsider and restart your relocation plans. “Springtime brings everyone out,” says Donna Nesbit, Coldwell Banker real estate agent. “The market activity increases bringing more potential buyers to each home and moving in spring and summer is a much easier process than in the cold months.”

Donna’s colleague, Agent Betsy Rewald explains, “This spring, the average time for a home to be on the market is so low and the prices are incredibly high. Sellers are getting top dollar for their home with minimal effort on their part, meaning they will not have to do major remodeling or painting as they would in a normal market.”  

Diane Bjorkman, owner of Gentle Transitions, a senior relocation service, agrees. “Things are opening up in senior communities, slowly restoring community life filled with more positive energy and vital enrichment programs,” she says.

These professionals would know. For over a decade, Gentle Transitions and Coldwell Banker have teamed up with Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) to offer Home Connections™, a multi-faceted realty and relocation assistance program for older adults. These 3 organizations bring a decades-rich history, solid reputations and a shared commitment to help people transition well and keep their lives moving forward with positive outcomes.

But what about COVID?

Understandably, both buyers and sellers are concerned about safety in showing homes and moving during COVID. PHS, Coldwell Banker and Gentle Transitions all follow the CDC guidelines which include social distancing during meetings, wearing masks, using hand sanitizer and diligently keeping environments as safe as possible for homeowners and potential buyers. “Thankfully, we now have a lot of seniors who are getting vaccinated, and we are starting to see infection numbers drop,” says Coldwell Banker Agent Scott Stevenson.As a result, we are once again resuming in-home meetings and proceeding with planning moves into senior living communities.”

Start packing sooner rather than later

There’s still time to list your home for sale this spring and take advantage of the strong market. With a short turnaround time from listing to closing, it’s equally important to start preparing now for that anticipated moving day. Gentle Transitions, a reputable and experienced senior moving service can help take the stress out of moving by managing all the details for you. Co-owner Diane Bjorkman says, “One of the most overwhelming aspects of moving from a home to senior living is sorting and getting rid of possessions that are not going to go to the new residence. We excel at assisting in that sorting process and have a deep knowledge of how clients can disperse a lifetime of accumulation.”

Gentle Transitions also introduces options that their clients may not be aware of, such as online selling options and estate sales. “Another incredible gift to those who use Gentle Transitions is that they are fully unpacked and resettled on the day of their move, allowing them to start their new life without months of unpacking on their own,” adds Diane.

Selling and moving with Home Connections

The services of Coldwell Banker and Gentle Transitions are available when you choose Home Connections to help you sell your home and move. There is no cost to join the program and the service provides:
  • Personal Move Manager who will guide you through every aspect of your home sale and move, at no charge.
  • A select group of Coldwell Banker Realtors, chosen specifically for their expertise and service.
  • complimentary home warranty for you and your buyer.
  • cash rebate* paid to you after you sell your home with a Coldwell Banker Realty approved Realtor and move into the Presbyterian Homes & Services community of your choice. (Some restrictions may apply. Please refer to program guidelines.)
  • complimentary visit from Gentle Transitions to learn how they can help coordinate sorting, getting rid of unwanted possessions, packing, selecting a mover, unpacking and total resettling in your new home.

Don't put your life on hold any longer

Take the next steps toward relocating and starting your new lifestyle in senior living.

Learn more about Home Connections realty and relocation services for seniors.
Watch a short video about Coldwell Banker’s role and services in Home Connections.
Visit Gentle Transitions’ YouTube channel to learn more about senior relocation services, tips and more.

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