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In Pictures: Residents bursting with creativity

National Creativity Day invites us to unleash our imagination and these residents did just that. This year, National Creativity Day falls on Sunday, May 30, but we couldn’t wait to share about theses artistic residents and the beautiful things they have created.
Each creative resident was asked, “What is your favorite thing about being creative?”

Resident Cheiko was born in Japan and has lived in Minnesota for many decades. Her mother taught her how to make origami and other authentic crafts, and she still spends time creating these beautiful pieces. She exclaimed, “I like to make things with my hands, but there is never enough time to make all the things I want to create!”

Central Towers resident Verlina loves to keep her hands busy and has always enjoyed doing crafts. Her mother used to sew stitching on pillowcases and sell them to make money for the family. Verlina says, “Many of my children and grandbabies are involved in crafts. It is a lot of fun and it gives me something to do instead of just watching TV.”

Ferdie, resident at Towner Crest, has been doing intarsia art for 30 years! This woodworking style has different woods that are cut and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. He said he’s thankful he can use his skills and his gifts “in something different and one of a kind.”

Stonecrest resident Charlie shares, “I started out on my woodworking adventure for something to do after I retired. Watching the reactions from people who see what I’ve made makes it all worthwhile. For many they bring smiles, others it brings back memories. And the result, when I have finished one, makes me feel good.”

Jim, resident at Central Towers, shares, “Creativity means freedom of expression. Whether it be to put paint to canvas or interpreting the words to a script; I enjoy the challenge.”

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