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'A living miracle': Bindu's story

PHS Nursing Assistant Bindu Taylor-Jleh
PHS Nursing Assistant Bindu Taylor-Jleh
Stories of miraculous healing are boosting our spirits at Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS), following the pandemic. After weathering the storms together, may these stories renew your hope too.

While severe COVID cases were rare among PHS employees, we praise God for preserving the lives of our heroic staff (more than 7,000!) throughout the pandemic.

Recently we shared Campus Pastor Dale Solberg’s miracle story:

Campus Pastor and resident Dale Solberg gives thanks after 83 days in the hospital

Today we share Nursing Assistant Bindu Taylor-Jleh’s miracle story.

Watch Bindu tell her full story:

Bindu says the prayers and support of her PHS family made a “big, big difference” in her amazing recovery from COVID.

Since 2012 Bindu has loved caring for older adults at Johanna Shores in Arden Hills, MN. “It’s my passion, deep to my heart,” she says. “I believe in God. I love to go above and beyond, providing the ‘little extras’ like singing and reading devotionals with residents.” Faith and love for others are qualities she developed while growing up in Liberia, West Africa.

Last November Bindu contracted COVID and was brought to the hospital by family members including Venessa Kamara, who is also a Johanna Shores Nursing Assistant. Although Bindu has no recollection of this time, she later learned that she suffered several cardiac arrests. For two weeks, doctors worked to sustain her life on a ventilator and cure her with antibiotics.

Johanna Shores Campus Administrator Justin Birkeli recalls feeling deep shock upon learning about her condition. Immediately, the PHS family started praying and donating paid time-off hours to support Bindu and her family.

Soon doctors concluded that Bindu wasn’t going to make it. So, two times in the following days, they called her family, informing them it was time to say goodbye and perform a bedside memorial service.

But her family and friends had faith, Bindu says, and they kept praying for God to restore her life. “After all of that,” she says, “the good Lord brought me through.”

Her path of healing began, and soon Johanna Shores enlisted Langton Shores Transitional Care and Optage Home Care to see her through to full recovery. “The therapy at Langton Shores was extraordinary,” says Bindu. “I couldn’t do anything. Anything! I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t dress myself, I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t walk.”

Early in her recovery, doctors predicted that Bindu would be able to walk in six months to a year. But she spent less than a month using a wheelchair, then a walker.

“Langton Shores and Optage Home Care helped heal me faster than anyone expected, including myself!” says Bindu. “I also had their emotional and spiritual support — all the support you can imagine.” Bindu reflects:

“I give God the glory for what He has done. God wants me to tell the story so that others can know He is God. He’s still in the business of healing. He’s the same miracle-working God [of the Bible]. We just need to ask him.”

Bindu is building her strength and endurance, and she’s excited to return to serving residents at Johanna Shores. And her team is just as excited to have her back. John Chagnon, Life Enrichment Coordinator, notes, “It’s kinda nice to meet a living miracle every once in a while. It restores your faith.”

“We Will” is a series that spotlights inspiring examples of teamwork at PHS. With God’s blessing, We Will work together to build a better, brighter future for the older adults we serve.

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