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Erma plays the squeezebox

On this World Day of Music, we introduce you to GracePointe Crossing resident Erma.
Erma loves to talk about her family, her life growing up, and her hobby of playing the accordion — also known as “the Squeezebox”! 😊
From a young age, she says “I used to listen to my dad play his accordion and thought, ‘Wow! How I would love to learn to play!’ So, I got this idea in my head that when [my parents] would go to town or be out somewhere, I [would sneak] dad’s accordion and putz around on it.”
Erma’s mom knew how to play the piano by reading sheet music, but her dad played the accordion by ear. That was how Erma learned as well. She explains, “Knowing some songs, I would punch keys until [the sounds matched] what I heard in my mind. And soon I was playing the song! And I was only about 11 or 12 years old.”
More than 70 years later, she is still putzing on the accordion, except now she has her own. She adds, “I’m not a professional. I just like to play for anyone who will listen.”
Happy World Day of Music, Erma! Thank you for blessing us all with your music!
Watch the video below to learn more and hear Erma play!

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