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Campus Pastor and resident Dale Solberg gives thanks after 83 days in the hospital

Pastor Dale Solberg is a living miracle after healing from COVID-19. He’s also a campus pastor and a resident of GracePointe Crossing in Cambridge, MN.
Reading his words of gratitude renews our passion and purpose. It’s our hope that it touches your hearts, too. This is his story as told to Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS).
At the start of the pandemic, I was very grateful for the decision that the campus pastor role was considered an essential care position. In many cases I was the sole connection to residents for their spiritual care and even their social interaction because of [state] restrictions and guidelines prohibiting family members from being there.
Pastor Dale Sjoberg of Presbyterian Homes & Services - a COVID miracleMy story is I had my own COVID journey with a very critical case of COVID pneumonia in November 2020. It resulted in an 83-day hospital stay – 62 of which I was in a coma and on a ventilator.
By God’s grace and the prayers and support of hundreds, if not thousands, of people, I’m back on the road to recovery. The support from PHS was just astounding.

In a coma and on a ventilator for 62 days, Pastor Dale Solberg was lifted up by prayers from thousands

My wife Lois couldn’t visit me [while I was in the hospital], but she could see me by video screen 24/7. She is a prayer warrior. She prayed, she sang and she talked to me.
Lois also coordinated prayer for me. She sent out daily email updates to Pastor Chris Wheatley [Senior Director of Pastoral Care Services], who immediately forwarded them to all PHS campus pastors and chaplains [as well as others at PHS].

The doctor said, ‘You’re a miracle’

My doctor walked in [one day] and said, “You are a miracle.” And I said, “Well, I serve a great and loving and grace-filled God. My God answered.”

It’s the power of prayer — there’s no other explanation. We’re called to pray, and people were faithful. And like the Apostle Paul said, “When we’re weak, God is stronger.”

Dale experiences healing and leaves the hospital
Overwhelming gratitude to a ‘ministry that cares for its people’

I can’t say enough about this ministry that cares for its people. We say the work of a Christian should be to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, and I see my coworkers and employees at PHS very much exemplify that ministry.
In addition to prayer, I was supported strongly as well. While I was in rehab in February, I learned that coworkers had donated over 500 hours of paid-time off [to sustain me through this time]. Thank you very much.

Going forward in the power of prayer, for older adults in need

I’m back now with this sense that I just need to serve. The sadness I feel is for the residents who were lost to COVID. Now I need to go forward and be there for these people [of GracePointe Crossing].
Watch Pastor Dale Solberg’s full testimony of miraculous healing and serving with renewed purpose:

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