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Living with purpose: an interview with CEO Dan Lindh after 45 years of service

Today we celebrate a special milestone: our CEO Dan Lindh’s 45th anniversary serving with Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS)! Dan began his career as an accountant and has held a variety of leadership positions before being named CEO and president in 1996. Now at age 67, Dan has overseen the PHS ministry as it’s grown from one community to more than 50, with over 7,000 employees serving 27,000 older adults. “Go with your heart and live with purpose,” says Dan. “Stay with what you love to do and what you’re called to do and let everything else take care of itself over time.”

Dan recently sat down with Johanna Fenton from the Communication team. Listen in as he shares how he came to work at PHS, how he sustained his faith through the pandemic, the next season of healing and insurmountable opportunity, and his gratitude. 

A heart for older adults then and now (video 1 of 4)

Sustaining faith during COVID and beyond (video 2 of 4)

A season of healing and insurmountable opportunity (video 3 of 4)

Sharing gratitude (video 4 of 4)

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