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2021 CROSS Award for Christian Ministry

Congratulations to our 2021 CROSS Award recipients at Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS)! In its third year, the CROSS Awards are presented to five PHS employees nominated by coworkers, residents or friends for demonstrating our CROSS values.

Today we celebrate our CROSS Award recipient for Christian Ministry, Jenny Weise! Jenny is campus administrator at Dickson Hollow in Menomonee Falls, WI.

Starting at PHS in 2018, Jenny has quickly become known and loved for her grace — as residents and staff testified again and again in their nominations.

What is grace? A common dictionary defines grace as “courteous goodwill.” But in the Christian faith, it means so much more. God’s grace is said to be “generous, free and totally unexpected and undeserved.”

Seeing how Jenny reflects God’s love and grace, one teammate nominated Jenny by writing, “I personally go to her when I’m in need of a ‘little time for Jesus’ as she always helps put a hard day into perspective, lifts my spirits and reminds me that we can have grace in all situations.” Another stated ‘Grace’ should be Jenny’s middle name and described her as strong, yet humble.

On receiving the CROSS Award for Christian Ministry, Jenny said, “I am so blessed to have such an incredible team at Dickson Hollow. The common thread that runs through our team is respect.  Even though we have different perspectives, we are all committed to our ministry and building a culture where employees feel valued and respected. It's the day-to-day interactions with our staff and residents that truly make a difference at Dickson. Life can be challenging. We need to be full of grace and show the love of Christ to others.

Check out Jenny’s CROSS Award video:

Jenny’s graceful influence permeates the beginning of each workday at Dickson Hollow. “Jenny lives out our Christian Ministry value by seeking wisdom through prayer and reflection as exemplified by the devotions she leads,” a teammate writes. “She uses God’s words to support us in what we are experiencing at our campus, and they are often ‘spot on.’”

Yet another teammate explains, “Over the last year Jenny regularly brought hope to the team by reminding us of our biblical framework and purpose, drawing us back to God. She also did a campaign based on Scripture called Stand By Me and encouraged us to ‘stand by’ each other during these difficult times.” 
Beyond mere words, Jenny is all about service – described by one as a servant leader. “Jenny is not above helping any staff member or resident,” they write. “I have seen her cleaning apartments, serving meals, and doing whatever it takes to keep us going, and always with a smile. She reflects the love of God daily and it is infectious!”

From all of us at PHS: thank you, Jenny, for your gift of leadership marked by grace! May God’s grace shine down on you.
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