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2021 CROSS Award for Service Excellence

Congratulations to our 2021 CROSS Award recipients at Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS)! In its third year, the CROSS Awards are presented to five PHS employees nominated by coworkers, residents or friends for demonstrating our CROSS values.

CROSS Award Service Excellence Sandra NormanToday we celebrate our CROSS Award recipient for Service Excellence, Sandra Norman! She has served as both a receptionist and a server at GracePointe Crossing in Cambridge, MN, since 2015.

A dozen residents nominated Sandra, testifying to her positive, widespread influence. Perhaps it’s her warm, sincere greetings that give so many a memorable first impression. Not only does she know the names of residents and staff, but she knows their family members by name!
One resident called her the MVP – Most Valuable Person – in the family of GracePointe Crossing. Another went so far as to list Sandra’s shining qualities using each letter of the alphabet:

A – Admirable 
B – Beautiful inside and out 
C – Creative 
D – Deserving of the service excellence award
E – Excellent customer service 
F – Friendly 
G – Grace 
H – Hard worker 
I – Impressive 
J – Joyful 
K – Kind 
L – Lovely 
M – Motivated to do a good job everyday 
N – Nice 
O – Outstanding employee 
P – Positive always 
Q – Quick learner 
R – Resilient 
S – Smile is contagious 
T – Trustworthy 
U – Understanding 
V – Valued employee 
W – Wonderful 
X – XOXO :) 
Y – Young at heart 
Z – Zestful 

Check out Sandra’s CROSS Award video:

Finally, a coworker, who also nominated Sandra, wrote, “Sandra goes so far above and beyond for the residents, families and business associates that we serve. She has a unique ability to anticipate the needs of the people around her and put them right at ease. Sandra is beloved by our residents and families. She takes pride in getting to know them on a personal level. She takes an interest in their lives and makes every person she talks to feel like they are important and that their needs matter. I can't think of a better way to honor those that we serve, than to let them know we hear them and they matter.”  
From all of us at PHS: thank you, Sandra, for serving with excellence and helping build rich community life!

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