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Kind Regards: Back to being herself

Kind RegardsIn this month’s Kind Regards installment we read a Facebook post that was shared about the team at GracePointe Crossing located in Cambridge, MN. It highlights the personalized service and exceptional customer experience that Sandra, the daughter of a resident, had during several different encounters with the team.
Sandra writes:
“This was my post on Facebook last night. I even tagged GracePointe (I want everyone to know how awesome you all are!)
Three months ago I almost lost my Mom to sepsis. On that helicopter ride to the hospital, the doctor told us he didn’t think Mom was going to make it. I was so worried that by the time we got to the hospital, she would be gone.
For the next few months, she moved between rehab, home and the hospital. She did okay during her first 30 days with another provider, but she never left her room except to go to physical therapy. She came home for three days but ended up back in the hospital. After this, GracePointe transitional care had a spot for her.
During her first stay at GracePointe, she didn’t eat a single meal in her room. She made friends, and was very sad when it was time to leave. We toured the assisted living and she loved it! Unfortunately, the waiting list was long.
When she was hospitalized for the third time, she was relieved to find out she would return to GracePointe for rehab.
The staff was amazing and welcomed her back by name.
The warm welcome made her day and mine too. They were happy to see her, and she was happy to see them. We knew it was where she wanted to be. We also knew it wasn’t safe for her to go home alone.
I started contacting all the assisted living facilities I could find to see if they had availability. I went on some tours and I even put her on waiting lists before I visited some places. Finding her a place she would thrive was my goal. And I was failing. I swore when I was younger, that I would never put my Mom in a home, even assisted living.
That was until we had a care conference at GracePointe.
They offered my mom the opportunity to stay in her rehabilitation suite at GracePointe until an assisted living apartment opened for her. I was so relieved and happy, and more importantly, so was Mom! It’s like we have our Mom back again after all these years.
The weekend we cleaned her apartment was prom for her grandson Tyler. That day she went to lunch, the grand march and out for a treat at Dairy Queen. This is remarkable because over the past 10 years or so, we’ve barely been able to get her out one day. Mom used to say she wasn’t feeling well and would stay home all weekend. Not anymore. Last weekend, Mom got ready and met us at the door.
She is back to being herself. She still gets tired and has her bad days, but I 100% believe that it’s the staff of GracePointe Crossing and the environment that has brought our Mom back to us. She is doing amazing. She is making friends. There are times that I call and she doesn’t answer or tells me she has to call me back, because she has things to do or people to talk with. This is what she has needed all these years.
They love her there. She loves it there. I’m so grateful for GracePointe!
If you know Mom and are in the area, Stop in and say hi. You might actually catch her in her room, too!”

Kind Regards
Kind Regards
is a regular feature that shares the letters, hand written cards and emails we receive from those we serve. Beyond expressing appreciation, these letters remind us how important and needed our ministry is and inspire us to offer our best.

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