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The seasons of grief: letting go

From “Springs of Living Water,” the grief support e-newsletter of Optage Hospice.SOLW_Blog-On-Page_2023-03-31_500x280.jpg

Here in the Midwest, winter held on for far too long. And then, quite suddenly, spring arrived, with bright sun, bird song and blooming crocuses. As the snow melted, the items we needed so much for so long were suddenly irrelevant: the grit, the salt, snow brushes and boots. All those “essential” things became useless clutter.
There is a certain heaviness to winter – we need a lot of protection just to make it through. Likewise, when you are facing the loss of a loved one, there is weightiness in all that you do. You may also be carrying a little “extra” during this season of life.
Perhaps it is frustration with family members who aren’t there for us in the way that we had hoped. Or our own expectations that makes us feel as if we could have/should have done more. Perhaps it is our disappointment that life has unfolded differently for our loved ones and ourselves than we imagined.
No matter what it is, most of us are carrying something that no longer serves us, like a heavy winter coat as we head into spring. This weighs us down unnecessarily, making it more difficult to see the essential things: the love we bear for another, the pain of loss, the memories we treasure.
Are you carrying something extra? If so, consider letting it go. Just as winter gives way to spring, release frees us to move forward into this next season.

Upcoming grief support groups

When Will I Start Feeling Better? May 17, 7-8 PM
Optage Monthly Support Group – Meets Third Monday
There really is no timeline for grief – each of us travels this path in our own time and our own unique way. We’ll discuss common patterns in the grief process and invite attendees to share changes they have experienced along the way.
Finding Meaning & Purpose Through Loss – Six Weeks
Tuesdays 7-8 PM CT, July 11 – August 15
We’ll explore the growth and transformation that can come through seasons of loss. We’ll discuss meaning-making, legacy and hope as you chart your path forward. (This group is limited to ten attendees, so please register early).
If you are interested in joining a group, contact Jenny Schroedel at [email protected] or at 651.341.7105.
Optage is the home and community services division of Presbyterian Homes & Services.

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