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The Land of 10,000 Minutes

You have probably heard of the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but have you heard of the Land of 10,000 Minutes? At six north metro Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) communities in MN, employees organized a challenge to residents to log over 10,000 minutes of exercise!
During a regional meeting, life enrichment/wellness directors at six different PHS communities thought it would be fun to create an intercampus challenge in which residents could compete as part of Active Aging Week. The communities included: EagleCrest, The Farmstead, GracePointe Crossing, Johanna Shores, Maranatha and Waverly Gardens.
The challenge was simple – residents at each community logged their minutes for daily activity. Then, the communities would collectively added up their total minutes to reach their goal of 10,000. The activity could be any type of movement — from walking to the laundry room or going for a leisurely stroll, to exercise done in the wellness center – it all counted! This was a great way for residents to be challenged in a spirit of fun and experience intercampus team connections, while also staying in the comfort of their homes.
Michelle Branham, life enrichment director at Maranatha, reflected, “It was fun to see how the residents were consciously thinking about all the ways they would get their minutes in — walking to and from meals and activities and doing the exercise programs. Then, when the week was over, they were surprised at how much time they had spent being active!”
Even though this was a challenge, there was not just one winner. The challenge of 10,000 minutes was meant to be reached by the 6 communities together. Did they reach their goal? You betcha! They ended up winning big time by logging double their 10,000-minute goal!
Life Enrichment Director at Johanna Shores Heather Foley added, “My favorite part about the Land of 10,000 Minutes challenge was how working with other sites in our region made our sense of community grow.”
This challenge was a fun and engaging way for staff to encourage community and healthy movement in residents. One of our core values at PHS is Service Excellence, which is to “create an exceptional customer experience”. These Life Enrichment directors created an experience for the residents that increased physical movement, community involvement and teamwork, all while creating smiles in the eyes of those they serve.
Regarding Active Aging Week and the Land of 10,000 Minutes challenge, Ahna Lloyd, life enrichment director at The Farmstead, adds, “​Active aging means keeping your mind, body and spirit fresh and trying new things that create new connections in the brain or muscles. No matter what age you are, you can always stay active. We hope this challenge shed some light on the topic of active aging and healthy habits!”
Congratulations to everyone who participated in this challenge, and thank you to our life enrichment staff who organized it!

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