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Top 10 initiatives to boost our workforce – apply now!

Top 10 workforce initiatives at Presbyterian Homes & ServicesPresbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) relies on the dedicated work of more than 7,000 employees. We can best honor their service by recruiting more teammates in this ministry to older adults. It seems simple enough, but the current employment climate makes finding employees a challenge.

That’s why we’re committing substantial energy and creativity towards our workforce goals, with dozens of initiatives and significant investments in our people. 

Here are the top 10 initiatives underway at PHS:

10. We are expanding our outreach through social media, advertising and job boards to connect with new people!

9. We are strengthening our partnerships with schools and organizations that can help us identify and train potential new employees.

8. We are building introductory career pathways and flexibility into many positions, including Community Support Assistant (no experience required). We are also adapting manager roles to strengthen relationships and mentorship with their employees.

7. We continue to deploy our central staffing team to cover open shifts throughout PHS, while providing stable, full-time employment for this pool of employees. 

6. We made the most significant investment in wages in our history, plus we increased premium pay and pick-up pay for employees who step up to help cover gaps in the work schedule. 

5. We introduced a new “Work on Weekends” program that offers premium pay for those who commit to work every weekend at communities where we have significant weekend openings.

4. We are streamlining the time from receiving an application to hiring a new employee.

3. We recognize great talent when we see it by investing in our current people to develop their leadership and provide pathways for advancement. Our goal is that 80% of manager positions are filled by existing employees.

2. We are inviting residents, family members, friends, local faith communities and others to join us in prayer for our current employees and to ask God to provide future employees. 

And the #1 effort underway is: the service and commitment of our current employees who carry our mission day in and day out. We thank you!
Do you know someone looking for more purpose in their work? Share the good news and the many opportunities to join our team at

PHS is an equal opportunity employer.

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