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Making Friends in Senior Living

Senior living offers new friends, new connections

As we age, our social lives change. We forge new friendships with our peers who are going through similar life transitions and have similar interests. We may draw family close as we have more time to spend with children and grandchildren. Worry-free senior living allows you to continue to host those you love, while giving you the opportunity to meet new friends.
Staying socially active is not only rewarding, it’s also important to your overall health. Studies have shown that social connections help seniors maintain physical mobility and regular health screenings, as well as reduce isolation and depression. What’s more, a Harvard School of Public Health study found that social engagement may help with memory. This builds upon an earlier study which drew a link between living longer and social interaction. In a senior living community you have opportunities for social engagement close by, every day.  
At Presbyterian Homes & Services, we provide a wide variety of social opportunities with something for everyone, including educational programs, group fitness classes, special interest groups, bible study and recreational activities and outings. Common spaces for relaxing, dining and exercising allow for casual interaction in everyday life. You may also find opportunities to volunteer and reach out to others in your community.
We understand that not everyone is an extrovert. Our welcoming and supportive staff gently encourage social interaction, but we’ll never be pushy. Our mission is to honor God by enriching the lives and touching the hearts of older adults and we realize that looks different for each individual. We do work to make sure everyone feels included and welcome.  
Take a positive step and explore senior living. It could mean an exciting new chapter in your life offering friendship, fellowship, activities and support.

"I met so many people from different parts of the world and life experiences. Who could guess that a home for the aged could be so full of life?" -Gables Resident Family Member


Resident Perspective: Building Community

Hear how PHS residents are building relationships, supporting one another and engaging in activities and events.

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